Meaning:                  Lady

Alternative Word:    Respected

Related Variation:   Donna

Ladies rule. Her mystery is where she reigns. Within this mystery, there is a certain confidence that makes a man pause. Any female can get attention. A lady keeps it.

LaDonna, or lady, is a modern variation of the name Donna. Its origin derives from the idea of one receiving and expecting to receive, courtesy and respect. But this esteem starts from within:

Confusion… Competition

Calamity… Clashes

Little girls are like sponges

Absorbing everything around them

Believing the lies… ‘Cause somebody lied.

Little girls grow up…

Still like sponges… Still believing lies

Still… Still?…

Until… CLICK

Happiness comes with the ability to accept, and respect, ourselves. Once this is achieved, others will follow our lead. Be a lady. Click.

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