Meaning of the name:
Vigor, Dorian, Spirited

The Ancient Greeks are believed to be the first to understand the relational complexity of math and music (hence, music theory). The amphitheaters they built were so extra-ordinary, the last row could hear everything on stage. No amplifiers needed.

In addition to their development of acoustics, Greeks felt music had the power to influence, and even change, one’s emotions and behavior. So, to provoke a mood – they created and designated modes of music.

Specific names were given to the modes they created and were derived from people groups of the time. Some believe the effect represented by each mode was an actual reflection of tribal characteristics.

One of the main people groups of Ancient Greece were the Dorians. And the Dorian mode was created. Interestingly, Greek philosophy suggested soldiers hear music in the Dorian mode before going to battle. In my mind, and if keeping with this viewpoint, the Dorians were spirited-vigorous people.

The Dorian mode has evolved since then. Yet, even in its evolution, music still effects mood. Songs using the Dorian mode (or scale) within their music arrangement include:

  • Billie Jean, Michael Jackson
  • Oye Como Va, Santana
  • Eleanor Rigby, The Beatles
  • Maiden Voyage, Herbie Hancock
  • Impressions, John Coltrane
  • Wicked Game, Chris Isaac
  • Uptown Funk, Bruno Mars
  • So What, Miles Davis

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