Meaning:  Power; Ruler

America was named after the Italian merchant, Amerigo Vespucci, who traveled with Christopher Columbus. It was during their excursion to India, when they got lost, and discovered the new world.

As its reputation grew, the progress of America came but at a great cost. Increased colonization brought with it – inconceivable acts of injustice:

If it wasn’t for me
Where would America be? Cries the souls of many …
This land of opportunity
Was because of my misery … Cries
The souls of many

Slaves were the backbone of early American economy. Yet they could not enjoy the fruit of their labor. They endured brutal, inhumane conditions. This is another one of the ugly truths of American history. But history gives all of us the opportunity to learn and grow from the past. Not being stuck in the pain of the past, but (rather) using it as a launch pad to greater things.

The future greatness of our nation depends on the unity of all people.

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